Accompanying Salvadorans’ struggle for social justice since 1985

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Thanks to our 2015 Summer Intern


SalvAide sincerely thanks our 2015 Summer Intern, Christian Moreno, for a job well done. Christian is a graduate of the Carleton University Law and Legal Studies program where his research focused... Read more

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May 5, 2015 (Montreal/Ottawa/Toronto) In anticipation of an imminent ruling from a little known investor-state arbitration tribunal at the World Bank that could force El Salvador to pay Canadian-Australian mining firm... Read more

El Salvador's 2015 Legislative and Munic…


March 31st, 2015 After an unprecedented delay caused initially by a failure in the computer software processing vote tallies, El Salvador’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) announced late on Friday, March 27th... Read more

SalvAide's partnerships are longstanding and firmly rooted. The Association for the Development of El Salvador (CRIPDES) has been a SalvAide partner for over 25 years. CRIPDES arose in 1985 as a direct initiative of rural Salvadorans organizing to return to the communities from which they had been driven by the Salvadoran Armed Forces. The Association for Cooperation and the Communal Development of El Salvador (CORDES) was born two years later as an initiative of resettled communities working to rebuild and to cooperatively cultivate their lands. In 2013, CORDES celebrated 25 years of work for rural development rooted in social justice and has published a book (in Spanish) to commemorate its anniversary.

It is the shared struggle and precariousness of attempting to rebuild in a conflict zone and the hope and solidarity this requires that have made the CRIPDES-CORDES-SalvAide partnership so strong. Today, CRIPDES and CORDES continue to contribute to the construction of peace, justice, prosperity, and democracy in El Salvador. Both are established and recognized leaders in the Salvadoran social movement.

SalvAide supports and provides funding to projects led out by our local sister-organizations in El Salvador

Vision, Mission, Mandate

Our Vision

Global social justice, human dignity and participation for all.

Our Mission

As a Council, OCIC strives to increase the effectiveness and collective impact of all our members' efforts to promote sustainable, people-centred development in a peaceful and healthy environment. OCIC is committed to principles of fair and equitable cooperative international development and promotes public engagement that helps Canadians develop a global perspective and take action for social justice.

Our Mandate

OCIC encourages the development of the Ontario international development and global education sectors and sharing of resources between OCIC members by providing forums for networking, communications and collaborative reflection and action, and facilitating capacity building in public engagement and organizational development. OCIC is a learning organization with inclusive, cooperative and participatory processes that are accessible and accountable to all members.

SalvAide works to raise awareness about El Salvador, its culture, history and people, and the challenges they continue to face to achieve greater social justice.

SalvAide works to build social and economic justice and development in El Salvador through solidarity.

SalvAide’s Values:

  • We are committed to social justice and economic self-sufficiency.
  • We place high priority on projects that can be sustained over the long-term.
  • We are committed to environmentally sensitive ways to achieve economic self-sufficiency.
  • We require accountability and responsibility from ourselves and the communities with whom we work.
  • We encourage diversity and inclusiveness in our partners, our Board & staff members, and with all whom we work.
  • Democratic participation at the grassroots level is the foundation of SalvAide's work.

SalvAide Team:

  • Alfredo Marroquín, Executive Director  

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  • Charity Chavez, Finance & Administration Office

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  • Miguel Mejía, Representative in El Salvador

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Volunteer Board of Directors:

  • Nupur Gogia

  • Eusebio García

  • Juan Carranza



SalvAide is the only Canadian NGO with an exclusive focus on and expertise with respect to El Salvador. Our mission is to accompany the Salvadoran people as they build social justice, democracy, and economic development and sustainability.

We work in partnership and solidarity with low-income communities in El Salvador to achieve environmental sustainability, economic self-sufficiency, and social justice through our local partners on the ground, CRIPDES and CORDES. We work to empower rural communities at the grassroots level, supporting them in project design, creating local leadership and skills, and ensuring that programs truly meet local needs.

We assist our partners by providing the financial, technical, and moral support needed for these communities to carry out their plans. The vision, initiative, organization, and implementation of the projects we support come directly from the communities with whom we work.

SalvAide's Core Objectives:

  1. To bolster civil society and the social movement in El Salvador as represented by popular, women’s, and community organizations.
  2. To strengthen local economies in El Salvador participating in regional and national efforts to create sustainable and diversified economic development.
  3. To build Canadian support for community and democratic development in El Salvador.
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