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Thanks to our 2015 Summer Intern


SalvAide sincerely thanks our 2015 Summer Intern, Christian Moreno, for a job well done. Christian is a graduate of the Carleton University Law and Legal Studies program where his research focused... Read more

Stop the Suits Tour: International Inves…


May 5, 2015 (Montreal/Ottawa/Toronto) In anticipation of an imminent ruling from a little known investor-state arbitration tribunal at the World Bank that could force El Salvador to pay Canadian-Australian mining firm... Read more

El Salvador's 2015 Legislative and Munic…


March 31st, 2015 After an unprecedented delay caused initially by a failure in the computer software processing vote tallies, El Salvador’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) announced late on Friday, March 27th... Read more

Q. What percentage of my donation will be retained for administration?

A. We guarantee that not more than 15% of your donation will be retained for administration. Our goal is to use less than 10% for organizational purposes. At the end of the day, operating an organization to facilitate our work on the ground requires resources. We work very hard to keep our administrative costs as low as realistically possible.

Q. Does SalvAide issue tax receipts?

A. Yes, SalvAide is a registered charity. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for income tax purposes on donations of $20 or more within 6 weeks to when we receive the donation. Our charitable registration number is 11913 3627 RR0001.
If you make an online donation through CanadaHelps, Canada Helps will issue your tax receipt.

Q. When can I expect my receipt?

A. You can expect your receipt for your one-time donation within one to six weeks from the date we receive it.

  • If you are making monthly donations through your bank account or credit card, your annual receipt will be sent out in January for the previous tax year.
  • If you make your donation online through CanadaHelps, you will receive your tax receipt immediately from CanadaHelps.

Q. When is the cut off to receive a charitable receipt for a particular year?

A. Income Tax Receipt donations need to be received by us by December 31 for us to issue a charitable receipt for that year. We do take into consideration reasonable post mail delays.

Q. How is my tax credit calculated?

A. Revenue Canada’s Tax Guide explains: In 2006, the first $200 you donate is eligible for a federal tax credit of 15.25% of the donation amount. After the first $200, the federal tax credit increases to 29% of the amount over $200. Generally, you can claim all or part of this amount up to a limit of 75% of your net income. For gifts of certified cultural property or ecologically sensitive land, you may be able to claim up to 100% of your net income.

  • You may also be eligible for a provincial tax credit. The amount of the provincial tax credit available varies between provinces. You do not have to claim all of the donations you made this year on your current-year return. You can carry forward any donations you do not claim in the current year and claim them on your return for any of the next five years.
  • For more information on claiming your charitable donations, see the General Income Tax and Benefits Guide.

Q. I donated several months ago. Why haven't I received a receipt?

A. Please call us at 613-233-6215, or write us with as much information about your donation as possible. It's possible we had an incorrect address for you so when you call or write, tell us your full name as it appeared on your donation, your address, when you made the donation and the amount. It is also helpful if we know how you made the donation: cheque, money order, credit card, online, etc. Include a phone number or email address so we can get in touch with you if we need to.
If you made your donation online through CanadaHelps, you will need to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your receipt.

Q. I can't find my receipt. Can I have another one?

A. We can send you a copy of your receipt. Be sure to give us your full name as it appeared on your donation, your address, the date you made the donation and the amount. Please include a phone number or email address so we can get in touch with you if we need to.

Q. Can you send my receipt to someone else?

A. The Income Tax Act obligates us to send receipts only to the person making the donation. This means that unless we receive signed documentation that a person gave you the money to forward to SalvAide, we can only send a receipt to:

  • The person or people whose names are on a pre-printed cheque
  • The person who signed the money order
  • The person whose name is on the credit card

Q: I'm making the donation in lieu of a gift. Can you send the receipt to that person?

A. The Income Tax Act does not allow this. We must issue the receipt to the person making the donation.

Q. I'm writing the cheque, but I want the receipt to go to my partner.

A. If your cheque is pre-printed with more than one name, we can send the receipt to anyone on the cheque. If your partner's name is not on the cheque, you should check with the Canada Revenue Agency about sharing your tax credit with your partner when you file your income tax returns.

Q. I want to write a cheque to cover cash donations I collected for SalvAide. How can the people who donated cash get a receipt?

A. We can provide you with donor cards that will help you collect the information needed from a donor so that SalvAide can issue them tax receipts. Please talk to us in advance.

Q. What is CanadaHelps and why can't I donate directly through SalvAide’s website?

A. CanadaHelps is a secure website that provides information about charities and allows you to make online donations to charities of your choice. CanadaHelps provides this service to over 2,500 organizations and many thousands of donors. Using this service SavlvAide does not have to spend money processing your credit card donations, ensuring that more of the money goes directly to our projects.

Q. What portion of my donation goes to CanadaHelps?

A. A very modest portion (3.9 percent) is allocated to CanadaHelps for the cost of credit card merchant rates, per transaction charges, banking and disbursement fees. For more details, please visit their website.

Q. I tried to make a donation through CanadaHelps but I ran into problems. How do I get help or find out what happened to my donation?

A. If you encounter any problems with the CanadaHelps website, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 416-628-6948.

Q. Does SalvAide sell, rent or trade donor information (eg., mailing and email addresses) to other agencies?

A. Absolutely not. We have no intention of buying, selling, or trading donor information.

Q. Can I receive a charitable receipt for a donated item?

A. Yes, but only in some situations. If you require a receipt for an item that you are donating it is best to discuss this with us before donating the item.

Q. Can I receive a charitable receipt for a donated service?

A. Unfortunately, the Income Tax Act does not permit the issuance of donation receipts for services rendered except in limited situations.

Q. Can I receive a charitable receipt for a gift certificate I donated for a silent auction?

A. Yes, as long as you are not the "issuer" of the gift certificate i.e. Charities can issue an official receipt for a gift certificate when the donor is NOT the issuer of the gift certificate and has obtained the gift certificate for valuable consideration either from the issuer or other third party For more information on donations of Gift Certificates, visit Canada Revenue Agency

Q. Can SalvAide issue tax receipts to businesses or artists who have donated items for silent auction fundraising?

A. Yes, as long as the fair market value of the item at the time of the donation can be reasonably determined by a qualified person.

Q. If I purchase an item in a silent auction at a SalvAide event it will I receive a tax receipt?

A. No, when you receive something of value in return for making a donation, this is considered a benefit which reduces the eligible amount of your donation for income tax purposes. In order to issue receipts for auction purchases, SalvAide would have to obtain valuations of the items and to obtain certified records. This situation would create a tremendous amount of work that we simply do not have the capacity to fulfill.
Most participants are quite happy to acquire the auction item without any expectation of receiving a tax receipt.

Q. I bought a ticket to a SalvAide event for $40 but received a tax receipt for $15, why?

A. When a charity provides you with something of value in return for making a donation, this is considered a benefit, which is called an advantage. The advantage generally reduces the eligible amount of your donation for income tax purposes. In this case the meal you were provided at the event was valued at $25 and thus your charitable donation was for $15.

Q. Why should I donate to SalvAide when there are so many other charities doing similar work?

A. There are many organizations doing excellent and important work. What makes SalvAide different is that we are the only Canadian international cooperation organization that concentrates entirely on El Salvador. Because of our long history of collaboration with our local Salvadoran partners, we have an in depth knowledge of the needs and important areas of work in Salvadoran communities to achieve self-determined economic development. Since our creation in 1985, we have continued to work with a philosophy of solidarity rather than charity which allows for long term development based on the real needs of our partner communities.

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